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Soul Verse

The manner of your leaving    John Dennison      Author’s note: This poem stands in a long tradition of meditations on death and creaturely finitude. A childhood friend about my age had recently died of cancer, and it gave me pause for thought, drew me towards the Easter story of Christ's forsakeness, and the hope of the God-forsaken tomb.

 Pentecost   Ben Egerton

 South   Ben Egerton       Author’s note: These two poems, like much of what I write, are concerned with grace. I struggle to articulate just what that means - and so in my poems I often write about  ordinary details, those seemingly inconsequential moments, from things I do or experience and use them to try and illustrate what grace might look like.

Poem for a paper    Ari Luecker     Sometimes I wish I was into the one night stand ... .









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