Ramsey House
8 Kelburn Parade
Kelburn, Wellington, 6012
021 173 5498


Ecumencial chaplaincy was established at Victoria and the Wellington Teachers Training College in 1962. Funding was originally through the National Council of Churches, an association of various Protestant churches that at the time accounted for over 80% of total church members in New Zealand. Today funding for the Chaplaincy’s work is sourced from grants, partnerships with local city churches and rental income from the Trust Board’s property in Kelburn.

Our constitution mandates us to, among other things, foster engagement with the intellectual life of the University and provide opportunities for teaching, pastoral care and sharing the Christian Gospel. Though not aligned to a single denomination or diocese, the Wellington Chaplaincy Trust Board adheres to Christian orthodoxy framed by the Ecumenical Creeds.

Peter Thirkell, Professor Emeritus here at Victoria, has chaired the Wellington Ecumenical Chaplaincy Trust Board since 2004. He can be contacted at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Along with Chris as a part time staff worker for EcuChap, the Board comprises five other elected officers that include Christian academics, local church representatives and a student representative.

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